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XPG Core Reactor II, Great Power For The Budget Conscious

Is It Just Me Or Is MERA Flipping The Bird?

The XPG Core Reactor II is a fully modular 850W ATX 3.0 PSU and does indeed have a dedicated VHPWR connector which can provide up to 600W of power for your hungry GPU.  It has a nice compact design and is a basic black with no RGB-itis, which will be appreciated by some and disappoint others.

The XPG Core Reactor II ships with a 10 year warranty and from TweakTown’s testing it deserves the 80 PLUS Gold rating on the box.  The power delivery was solid, handling a 24 hour run of the Aida 64 Engineer’s System Stability Test.  All those add up to a good deal for $125.

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